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Issa | Scaling (Read Bio)

Issa is a highly effective business leader with a passion for inspiring and developing others. With a proven track record of leading successful sales teams and managing multi-unit divisional structures in a verity of industries and a business owner to many individually owned entities that are still in business and successfully expanding. Issa is well-versed in building and executing strategies that drive growth and profitability.

Issa’s expertise and skill in designing and engineering sales process for all programs and offers, combined with landing pages, creating VSL and webinar outlines has put the companies he is involved in at a superior level for delivering the most desired results.

Throughout Issa’s career, he has managed teams with hundreds of employees and independent contractors, consistently exceeding performance targets and driving exceptional results. Issa’s ability to effectively communicate strategies, tactics, and build strong relationships with team members at all levels has earned him a reputation as a respected and trusted leader in the industries he has been a crucial part of.

Issa is also highly skilled at managing different personalities and working styles, fostering a positive and inclusive culture that brings out the best in each team member. This approach has resulted in high levels of engagement and job satisfaction among his employees and independent contractors.

Issa graduated with honors from The University of Phoenix where he earned a degree in business management, he is a member in the delta MU delta honor society and he also has a degree in computer information system from the applied science university ( Amman/Jordan). Issa’s dedication to excellence and passion for inspired leadership make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Issa’s main crucial factor to all of his abilities and success comes from his believe, consistency is the key.

Fun Fact:

A new client called Issa with a 1 day notice to sell their offer. With only a digital brochure, Issa successfully enrolled 44.4% of conversations he had over the next few days.

Joe | Strategy (Read Bio)

Joe is an experienced C-suite level producer with a demonstrated history of working in the sales and education industry. His world-class teams have produced 100’s of millions of annual revenue globally and taken clients into monthly multiple 7-figures of revenue. He has participated in the building and scaling several leading education programs and understands the inner operational workings necessary for success. His experience expands educational programs in several niches, including coaching, consulting, higher education, finance, branding, Amazon Stores, e-Commerce, solar, digital marketing services, advertising agencies, and health and wellness. He loves building all the teams that need to be in place to successfully scale both small and large scale companies.

Fun Fact:

Joe managed a team of 500 sales professionals selling online education programs. Ever heard of University of Phoenix? This was the man behind the sales team.

Jonah | Tech (Read Bio)

Jonah is an international, award-winning entrepreneur and "tech unicorn" who brings both the marketing strategy and the tech genius. Jonah has scaled 2 brand new consulting companies to $150k/month run rates within 90 days of coming on board.

He's helped profitable companies reach up to 50% profit margins, and even kept businesses alive in fiercely hostile environments.

From investing over $331,000 into business skill training, to providing work opportunities for over 208 people in companies he's scaled: Jonah mixes humble, compassionate personality with aggressive, meticulous implementation.

Jonah is an international, award-winning speaker, has spoken on TV shows and at events at the Harvard Club of Boston, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, University of Oxford, Cambridge University, Royal Society of Med, and CNN's World Headquarters. With a rolodex of over 2,500 experts and business owners: he always knows the right people and brings them in at the right time.

Fun Fact:

Jonah successfully onboarded 12 brand new sales reps at the same time for a financial consulting offer, which more than doubled revenue (and profits).

Jamie | Ops (Read Bio)

Jamie Dent is a seasoned professional with a robust background spanning 12 years in higher education. Throughout this tenure, Jamie honed a deep understanding of educational systems, fostering academic growth and development. A decade ago, Jamie transitioned into sales leadership. With a keen eye for talent and a strategic mindset, Jamie collaborated closely with her administrative team to cultivate and propel successful sales teams to new heights. Leveraging her rich experience in education and her innate knack for leadership, Jamie continues to spearhead initiatives that drive organizational success and foster a culture of excellence in sales environments. Jamie's journey epitomizes the fusion of academia and business acumen, embodying a rare blend of pedagogical insight and sales acuity. With an unwavering commitment to collaboration and innovation, Jamie stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic leadership in driving sustained business growth and fostering a culture of achievement.

Fun Fact:

Jamie has an organic skin care business in Ireland, rides horses, and loves travel!

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